Race Zone!

  • Save Hot Wheels from the T-REX!

    Today we Save HOT WHEELS CITY from the T-Rex Attack! We'll send our hot wheels cars through various hot wheels track obstacles to find out which car is able to make it all the way to the end!

  • Hot Wheels MONSTER JAM Trucks Unboxing!

    Hiya Kids! Today we have a Hot Wheels Monster Trucks & Marvel & DC Superheroes Hot Wheels Car Unboxing & Toys Review. We will show you the best Trucks and Cars we have at KID CITY! In this Hot Wheels Unboxing we will also open up Marvel and DC Superheroes Two Face and the Black Widow Hot Wheels ...

  • Hot Wheels: HIGH JUMP Challenge!

    Welcome to the KIDCITY Hot Wheels High Jump Challenge for kids with your favorite DC & Marvel Superhero hot wheels and movie characters! Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, Angry Birds Red, Disney Cars Lightning McQueen, Ninja Turtles Michelangelo, Green Lantern, The Flash, and more hot wheels ca...

  • Disney Cars: DRAGSTRIP Unboxing & Play!

  • Hot Wheels: Slime Jump Challenge

    Hiya Kids! This is a Hot Wheels stunt to Remember! We're sending Hot Wheels cars over a pool of slime infested with a SHARK - Because we're excited for shark week! This is a challenge between DadCity and Little Flash to see who can send the most superhero Hot Wheels cars over a pool of slime with...

  • Disney Cars: SnowDrift Spinout Unboxing and Play!

  • Hot Wheels: These Cars Can Fly!

    This Hot Wheels Car can fly!! Join our family for a crazy Hot Wheels Drone Racers Toys Review and Unboxing!

  • Hot Wheels: VS Track & Play-Doh Surprise Egg!

    Hey KIDS - This is a Hot Wheels Cars Play-Doh Surprise Egg & Track Toy Review with Blind Bags, Disney Cars and Superhero Hot Wheels Cars by KID City. In this funny toy review video, we will check out Hot Wheels Color Shifters, Disney Cars Color Changers, and Cars from the Marvel Line of Hot Wheel...

  • Hot Wheels: Criss Cross CRASH Track!

    Today on KidCity, we have a Hot Wheels Crash Challenge with DC Superheroes & Justice League Hot Wheels Cars unboxing! In our Superman Play-doh Surprise Egg, We'll take a look at new DC Hot Wheels Cars, including Batman, Superman, Robin, Wonder Woman and more!

  • Hot Wheels Stunt Jump Tournament #1

    Hiya Kids! Today we're playing a Hot Wheels Jump Tournament! ft Spider-Man, & Black Panther and other Super Hero Hot Wheels Cars by KidCity!

  • Hot Wheels Maximum Destruction Playset (Ava's 1st Appearance!)

    It's Monster Jam Hot Wheels Cars Week on KidCity, and we're starting off with the Maximum Destruction Battle Playset with 6 Monster Trucks! Included with this Hot Wheels Monster Jam Playset is Grave Digger, El Torro Loco, Monster Mutt, Blue Lighting, Metal Mulisha, and Zombie!

  • Hot Wheels 6 Lane Speedway LEGO Race!

  • Hot Wheels Stunt Jump Tournament #2

  • Hot Wheels Long Jump 2 with Super Heroes Cars