The Chuck E. Cheese Vlogs

The Chuck E. Cheese Vlogs

9 Episodes

Join us on our dramatic adventures and dealings with the world's most notorious kid's restaurant.

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The Chuck E. Cheese Vlogs
  • Chuck E. Cheese is Creepy! Kids Meet the Original Robots

    Episode 1

    The kids met Creepy Chuck E Cheese at an old Chuck E Cheese Restaurant! The kids were totally scared of the old Animatronic band!

  • Chuck E. Cheese POWER ARM BAND!

    Episode 2

    Chuck E Cheese gave us a GOLD unlimited play pass arm band, and we are using it for a new Family Ticket Battle! We'll play Chuck E Cheese games to see who can get the most tickets in 5 minutes!

  • Chuck E. Cheese is Mean!

    Episode 3

    The Kids encountered a Mean Chuck E Cheese Mouse at the Chuck E Cheese Restaurant! Ava wanted to give him a kiss, but he totally stiffed all the kids! But in the end, we had tons of family fun playing all the arcade games for kids!

  • Kids Meet Evil Chuck E Cheese for the First Time!

    Episode 4

  • Ava Makes Chuck E Cheese Cry!

    Episode 5

  • Giant Chuck E Cheese Toy Haul!

    Episode 6

  • Chuck E Cheese plays the Floor is Lava!

    Episode 7

    In this Episode, the KIDS go to Chuck E Cheese to see if he will play the Floor is lava challenge with our family! Will he do it? We will also play some of the new Arcade Games and play on Chuck E Cheese's indoor playground! It was awesome!

  • Chuck E Cheese vs McDonalds: Kids Favorites Battle!

    Episode 8

    It's the long awaited Chuck E Cheese vs McDonalds KIDS React battle! We'll review both Kids Places, including their food, indoor playground areas, arcade games, toys and more! We'll also reveal who you voted for in our previous McDonald's Happy Meal Video!

  • EPIC Chuck E Cheese Box Fort!

    Episode 9

    Hiya Kids! This is a DIY Chuck E Cheese Box Fort Challenge for Kids, with Super Hero Chuck E Cheese, fun games, gear test, prizes and more!