Toy Hauls!

Toy Hauls!

6 Episodes

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Toy Hauls!
  • Christmas Toy Haul: Little Flashes Favorites

    Episode 1

    We had the best Christmas ever! Check out our Christmas Toy Haul, & Christmas Presents Unboxing - and let us know which toys you want us to do an unboxing video with! Lil Flash Got Hot Wheels A.I. and Cars, a Hatchimals, NFL Teenymates, the new Battle Bots Arena, and Tons more!

  • Toy Story 4 Toy Haul and Gear Test

    Episode 2

    Get ready for a DISNEY PIXAR TOY STORY 4 Movie Toys Gear Test and Toys Review for Kids! We'll try out an Awesome Crane from Pizza Planet, a Buzz Lightyear Blaster, Bo Peep Staff, Duke Caboom Racer, and a Buzz LightyearSpace Ranger Suit!

  • Justice League Toy Haul

    Episode 3

    Hiya Kids! Today we're unboxing Justice League Movie Toys & Collectables from the new Justice League Movie! Action Figures, Mystery Minis, Pretend Play Superhero Costume Items and more family fun!

  • Spider-Man: Far From Home Scavenger Hunt & Toy Haul

    Episode 4

    Hiya Kids! Today we've got a Spider-Man Far From Home challenge - a scavengers hunt to find the best Web Shooters, Spider-man Toys, Spider-Man Costume and more items from Spider-Man Far From Home Movie in this Scavenger Hunt & Super hero gear test for Kids!

  • Crashing in Toys R Us!

    Episode 5

    Hiya Kids! Get ready for a Toys R Us Crash! When Dad tries to rise a bike at Toys R Us, Ava gets a little too pushy and he crashes! It's a really funny fail, We will also check out the new Dunk Hat Challenge game! Hope you enjoy our Toy Haul and Family Fun video!

  • Tech Deck Dudes Unboxing!

    Episode 6