• Whatever You Can CARRY, I'LL BUY Challenge

    This is the I'll Buy Whatever You Can Carry Challenge, where we take the kids to the Disney Store and Target, to buy whatever they can carry with two hands to the register without dropping. They score big with an AWESEOME Spongebob Squarepants Hat, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Board Games, Disney Cos...

  • Don't Flinch Mystery Box Challenge!

    Hiya Kids! Today we're playing the Don't Flinch Mystery Box Challenge Family game, with Little Flash, Ava and MomCity. We're seeing if we can get them scared of what's inside the Box!

  • Kids Wrestling Obstacle Challenge Part 2 (Inflatable Ring!)

    Today on KidCity Little Flash and Ava are trying out new Wrestling gear and Costumes while running a superstar inflatable obstacle course to see who has the fastest time in this Wrestling Superstar Gear Test & Obstacle Course Challenge!

  • Popcorn in a TUB Challenge!

    Today the kids are gonna do the Popcorn Bathtub challenge! We got inspired from Guava Juice, who we saw do the challenge, originally, and we decided to let the kids do it! It's greasy, crunchy family fun in the awesome food challenge!

  • Whatever You Can DRAW, I'LL BUY Challenge

    Today the kids play the "WHATEVER YOU DRAW, I'LL BUY IT CHALLENGE!!!" Whatever they can dream, MomCity and DadCity will shop for and see if they can match it! | Sit back and enjoy! Shout out to EvantubeHD where we first saw the challenge!

  • Gummy Food vs Real Food (PIZZA Challenge!)

    Hiya Kids! Today we're playing the Gummy Food vs Real Food PIZZA Challenge with the KIDCITY family! We're going to stack our pizza with some super gross food and gummy candy, bake it in an oven, and then do our best with a GROSS taste test!

  • Ultimate Cereal Challenge!!!

    Today the KIDS are gonna try the Ultimate CEREAL Food Challenge!
    Each Kids will get a chance to fill their bowls with REAL cereal, candy, and Gross ingredients like Gummy Boogers & Sour Candy!


    Hey Family! This is the KIDCITY FORTNITE DANCE CHALLENGE In Real Life with Season 4 dances!

  • Gummy's Life: Sour Candy Challenge

    This is Gummy Gang Beasts 2! (Gameplay of A Gummy's Life with a sour candy family gaming Challenge!)

  • Mystery Wheel Challenge

    Today we're running a Mystery Wheel Obstacle Course + Super Hero Gear Test for Kids, with Spider-Man, Batman, Hulk, Hawkeye and more Costumes & NERF Gear!

  • Super Hero Super Soaker Obby!

  • Pancake Pictionary Art Challenge!!!