FUN in the SUN (Our Favorites!)

FUN in the SUN (Our Favorites!)

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FUN in the SUN (Our Favorites!)
  • Fortnite Super Soaker Obstacle Part 1

    Hey Kids! We're testing out some new Gear Today, in a NERF Fortnite SUPER SOAKER Obby (Obstacle Course) + New Nerf Fortnite in Real Life Gear Test! We'll have to complete multiple water and Super Soaker Obstacles to compete for the best time! Thanks for watching KIDCITY!

  • FORTNITE Super Soaker Obstacle Course 2.0!

    Hey Kids! Today Little Flash and Ava are running the Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite Obby 2.0 with a giant inflatable Water Slide in our backyard! We'll also be looking at the new Nerf Fortnite Super Soakers in our latest Gear Test! Remember to get outside and have fun active this summer with some out...

  • Water Games Family Battle!

    Today Little Flash, Ava, Dadcity and MomCity will play a Water Games Family Battle Kids Challenge on KidCity! Events include Jumping through impossible shapes, scoopy the poopy, and a Water Obstacle Course! are you routing for the Boys or Girls in this one?

  • American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Part 2!

    Today we're running another homemade American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course (OBBY) for Kids! Some of it is from the ANW Obstacle Box Set, and some we made DIY!

  • Ultimate NFL Kids Obstacle Course!

  • Super Hero Super Soaker Obby!

  • Fortnite / Toy Story Mashup OBSTACLE!

  • Memorial Day Mixup!

    Today the Kids will play a special Super Hero Mix Up Challenge with Spider-Man, Hulk & Captain America, and more Super Hero Gear!

  • Angry Birds in Real Life (Part 2)

    Angry Birds in Real Life (Part 2)